Let’s Do This Thing

I am full.  Of food.  And ideas.  And creativity.  And work.  And energy.

I am fed.  Up.  Of reading bull on Twitter.  (It seriously makes me want to cry/vomit somedays when I see all these tweets from feeds that I follow but don’t agree with), and my heart aches for Jesus.  I ache to see Him come and be real and CHANGE us, to change our hearts, to change our mentalities.

I am empty.  Of the ability to do any of these things that I fill my time with on my own steam.

I am loved.  By a Creator more magnificent and Holy than I could ever imagine.

I am pursued.  By a love more relentless than I could ever dream.

We had a youth leader’s meeting last night to discuss plans for this year and I feel like I am catching fire all over again.  I love it.  So much.  I love talking with people who also just want to go after God’s heart, see what happens, and bring a whole schwack of youth along with us.  I love dreaming big dreams.  I love daring to pray dangerous prayers.

I believe in this.  I believe in youth.  I believe in a generation that will not take what the world throws at it, but instead decides to stand tall and claim their authority in Christ.  I believe in this generation of young people who will stand for truth, who still for freedom, who will dance upon injustice.  I believe in young people who will refuse to allow age to be an excuse for passivity.  I believe in young people who refuse to allow their elders to convince them that they are too young to have an impact.  I believe in people who have purpose.

I love it.  I love this.  All of it.

There is no place else I would rather be, than here with Him.

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