Saturday Love

Today is such a lovely Saturday.  After an incredibly long week and no rest last weekend, it is such a much-needed day to relax and get caught up!  Despite getting up early this morning for the attic-checking guys who needed access to my bedroom (who never actually showed up), my bedroom is spotless, my bathroom is scrubbed top to bottom, my lace curtains are blowing in the breeze of my open window, it’s fresh and clean outside, little trip to the mall with Tiffany resulting in a new delish lilac candle that is making my bedroom smell like SPRING, everything is organized, toenails are painted, The Lone Bellow is blasting…  have I mentioned that I love my life?!  Now I get to Skype with my man (hate Skype, love him), get caught up on Revenge, and make some coconut rice with Tiff.  Weekend=heaven.

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