2010: A Year in Review

Dear 2010,

I learned a lot of valuable lessons from you and I would have it no other way.  But all things considered, I would prefer some different experiences on my next trip around the sun.  So 2011, if you could please take that under advisement…


First of all, let’s just be clear that the above is said completely tongue-in-cheek.  Seriously though, this year has been nuts!  I don’t think I have ever grown so much or learned so much in 12 months in all my life up until this point.  I feel like I am being forced to be more purposeful about my life…maybe it’s part of finally being done my degree.  When I was in school it was all “I’ll figure it out once I’m done”.  Four years later I find myself graduated and stumbling along in this wide, wide world trying to decide what my next step should be.  I feel different in my own skin this year, in a strange kind of way.

All in all, it’s been a beautiful, crazy, awkward year.  God truly stripped me down this year and stripped away all the excess baggage that I was holding onto.  Or rather, He is in the process of doing so (I am learning that it never really ends!)  I learned so much about intimacy with Him.  I feel like a big part of my year was holding up absolutely everything of who I am and every aspect my life up to the light and seeing what was flawed, what was irrelevant, what was simply a barrier between myself and God.  I wouldn’t trade the things I lived through and learned this year for the world.  That said, I am stoked for new seasons and new things in 2011!  I’m not going to go through the whole year in detail, but I will share some of my favourite happy moments/memories of the past year…

  • In January I saw my very first live Canucks game, which was loads of fun, but unfortunately they lost.
  • February was the Olympics, which was an amazing thing to experience – the energy in Vancouver was fantastic!  Went to the Canadian women’s hockey team vs. Slovakia and saw them kill it 18-0.  Of course, none of us will forget Crosby’s gold medal winning goal!
  • March was a crazy month of school and nothing too special happened that I can remember, other than watching entirely too much How I Met Your Mother (ha!  as if there could be such a thing as too much HIMYM!)
  • April, I finished my degree!  Then myself and some of my besties did a crazy road trip down to LA to watch the Canucks finish off the Kings in the Playoffs (beautiful!)
  • May was History Maker, always amazing, and my graduation ceremony – getting my degree in my hand was such an awesome feeling!
  • In June The Brits (Christina, Matt and Mike) came and it was such an awesome time of hanging out with them and enjoying their company on my side of the world!  I also started working at HSBC Finance and basically read and tanned whenever I wasn’t working.  I also watched my beautiful Dani get married, which was so beautiful!
  • July included Alive Inside and various summer activities.  Jon and Ella also got hitched – what an amazing love story and such a blessing to watch!  So crazy to see my oldest guy friend (of 17 years!) get married to the love of his life!
  • August was a blur of work, camping, birthdays and finished the summer off with a round of Senior Co-Ed at Imadene – as always, an incredible, exhausting, emotionally taxing, rejuvenating, beautiful experience.  Ella and I co-led again and absolutely fell in love with our cabin – all of them were such a beautiful blessing to both of us!
  • The fall wasn’t ridiculously exciting (in fact, it was kind of weird and awkward) but I moved up to a new position at work, so that was new and challenging.  I bought new shoes.  Saw Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder Band, etc. at Passion – amazing night of worship!  Oh, and I got glasses.  Red ones.
  • December – Spent a week in Toronto for work and got to check out Niagara Falls with Alyssa, which was great fun!  And then, Christmas of course, which was an awesome time to chill out and play games and watch movies with my ridiculously fun family.

I don’t really know what else to write about this year…  so now it’s on to deciding on what my new years resolutions will be….ever since I quit biting my nails a few years back I feel at a loss to decide what my resolutions should be…  But fear not, I will think of something!  I have an inkling that it will have something to do with creativity on some level…but the idea hasn’t quite fully formed in my head yet!

And here’s an added bonus for you…

The 2010 Playlist:

Heaven – The Fire Theft
Your Love Is A Song – Switchfoot
Come All You Weary – Thrice
Dance With Me – Griffin House
Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol
Fools and Gold – Jason Zerbin
Bring the Rain – MercyMe
The Simplest Thing – Hey Rosetta!
Open Up Your Eyes – Daughtry
Littlething- Jimmy Eat World
War Sweater – Wakey!Wakey!
Big Jet Plane – Angus and Julia Stone
All The Pretty Things –  Tenth Avenue North
Let the Waters Rise – Mikeschair
Hurricane – Mindy Smith
Invented – Jimmy Eat World
Been A Long Day – Rosi Golan
Pieces – Red
Something for the Rest of Us – Goo Goo Dolls
Gravity – Sara Bareilles
Run Baby Run – Jason Upton
Awakening – Chris Tomlin
Snow – Amie Miriello

….but if I had to sum up my year in one song it would be this one: Faith Arise by Jason Upton

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