2011: Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Alright, as promised (albeit a little late) I am going to set some goals for 2011…  I’ll start off with some things that I would like to do/accomplish/buy/create/etc this year (in absolutely no particular order):

– save money
– buy an electric keyboard
– study French
– do more crafts/scrapbooking
– finish sewing my patchwork quilt
– explore photography more (take more pictures!)
– play more sports
– write the GMAT/apply for grad school
– take piano lessons
– be more wise with my money
– be more intentional about ministry and mentorship
– spend more time with the people that matter
– read more books
– watch less TV and spend less time online
– grow in my relationship with God
– eat more vegetables
– grow my hair long
– write more
– speed less
– stop procrastinating
– volunteer
– buy less clothing

All of that aside, I feel like my overall goal for this year can be summed up in one word: Balance.  It’s high time that I stop wasting my time on trivial things and spend more time doing things that matter > like hanging out with my siblings, reading good books, planning for my future, and diving deeper into the heart of God.

I feel like I really let my circumstances affect my attitude and my joy last year.  I may be in a weird, “in between” place, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot grow in tremendous ways or enjoy life with a complete measure of joy and contentedness

My prayer for this year is that I would learn what it really means to submit my will to God and that I would be transformed into a woman that really lives out her faith in a bold and courageous way.  I want to have that “gentle and quiet spirit” spring up in me.  I long to be more like Christ – more humble, more serving, more intentional, more loving.  No excuses.  No distractions.  Just give me Jesus.

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